Monday, June 27, 2011

another week? time is flying!!

it's been great.. this past week, summer has officially felt like it's kicked in.  I haven't looked to see how much I've done according to my list yet, but I know that I feel like I've accomplished a lot.  

14.  water balloons and sponge balls:  
made the sponge balls this week... jason LOVED them!!  who knew that a 5 gallon bucket and sponge balls could provide so much entertainment?

16.  visit at least 5 new parks   
we tried cynthia peterson park in vernon hills w/ ike and rachelle this week.  they had a train.  it was wonderful.  :)  pretty sure I only need to visit one more new park, and it's on the list slated for this week :)

18.  draw with chalk on the driveway  
did you know that crayola sidewalk chalk won't disintegrate if you drop it in a 5 gallon bucket?  jason did. 

22.  eat a pb&j sammich with cool ranch doritos - 
jason tried his first pb&j sammich this week... i think he's gonna be a crust off kinda guy.  gotta break out the cookie cutters now!  

36. take at least 1 30 minute walk per day -
this one has become a goal with both peter and myself.  been successful so far...

46.  create the ultimate summer playlist via iTunes
it's my list and i can modify it, right?  i found out that 130 beats per minute is my happy walking place, and 150 beats per minute is my happy running place.  i've made master play lists by bpm so i can easily pick to make music lists for my couch to 5k jogs!  yay!

70.  have a playdate with new friends at least once a week
we got to see a bunch of my school friends last week for a giant play date!  it was fabulous!

71.  start planning jason/maddie's 2nd birthday
not done, but getting closer.  we're going to do it at My Gym, and only have to pick a date.  :)

Hopeful to do this week?
29.  visit the buffalo grove and mundelin splash parks - if the weather holds
33.  make popsicles - thanks mom for the popsicle makers that look like ice cream cones!  can't wait to try them out
52.  visit the Deerfield Jewett tree house - if the weather holds
60.  try the couch-to-5k running program   - continue!!!

pretty decent week!  and... there's more that i'm so proud, but that's a different post!

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