Monday, June 20, 2011

gettin' stuff done...

it's been a week... what's happened since?

1.  eat grilled hot dogs and s'mores - got the hotdog part done, even a turkey dog, but alas... no s'mores
2.  run through a sprinkler
3.  visit the kohl children's museum  - went with Maddie and Paulina. Want to go again with Peter... my little ones need two adults :)
4.  take a family weekend getaway - we went to madison this past weekend... see post :)
5.  go to the brookfield zoo
6.  make homemade lemonade
7.  take a train
8.  go to the museum of science and industry

9. go to the library at least twice a month
10.  visit a farmer's market regularly
11.  introduce jason to cotton candy
12.  use our ice cream maker
13. "hot air balloon" photo shoot
14.  water balloons and sponge balls
15.  go fishing
16.  visit at least 5 new parks - visited one new park this week, only 2 mor to go
17.  eat funnel cake
18.  draw with chalk on the driveway
19.  see a fireworks display
20.  buy ice cream from the ice cream truck
21.  visit the morton arboretum
22.  eat a pb&j sammich with cool ranch doritos - got the cool ranch dorito part down, no sammich yet
23.  walk the beach at bubbe's house
24.  swim at independence grove
25.  slip and slide!
26.  paint!  (and get messy messy!)
27.  photo shoot both kids... but specifically not forgetting kayla  hopefully this one will be continuous, but i took some great shots of her this week
28.  go to a petting zoo
29.  visit the buffalo grove and mundelin splash parks
30.  picnic!  did this twice this week... once at century park in vernon hills (with a meal of portillos!) and once at alleghany park!
31.  go to an outdoor concert at the botanic gardens - dancin' sprouts!
32.  blueberry picking!
33.  make popsicles
34.  plant herbs on the back porch
35.  play in the rain
36. take at least 1 30 minute walk per day -
37. splash pool hole in one!
38.  make white mud
39.  get a french silk pie blizzard
40.  sneak out for ice cream with rachelle
41.  spa day with paulina
42.  lake geneva for rambling and popeyes
43.  date night june
44.  date night july
45.  date night august
46.  create the ultimate summer playlist via iTunes
47.  visit the round lake children's museum
48.  go to the lincoln park zoo
49.  visit the round lake nature museum
50.  visit the discovery center in lake county
51.  attend a lawn chair lyrics concert in buffalo grove
52.  visit the Deerfield Jewett tree house
53.  visit Daddy for lunch
54.  make sushi
55.  visit Bonner Heritage Farm -did this one for father's day!
56.  get back up to bong... maybe a pretend campout?
57.  visit the chicago botanic garden at least once a week - twice!  once w/ gee gee, jordyn, rachelle and ike, once with peter!
58.  go to the original superdawg with dad and jason
59.  taco night!!!
60.  try the couch-to-5k running program  did the first day... will hopefully do more!
61.  blog at least 4 times a week  -3 posts this week... getting better.
62.  go to buckingham fountain and the eye
63. have a water balloon fight
64. make grilled pizza
65.  make a 4th of july dessert (or two)
66.  make s'moritos
67. finish march - may photo book
68.  free up some memory on my mac -
69.  learn about the daily 5 for school
70.  have a playdate with new friends at least once a week
71.  start planning jason/maddie's 2nd birthday
72.  start planning kayla's 1st birthday
73.  eat fudge.
74.  visit a winery.

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  1. I tried to read this, but I saw 'cool ranch doritos' and it grossed me out. **shudder** ;-)