Monday, June 13, 2011

Last weekend? We were badgers.

Every year, Peter gets a free night stay at a Marriott hotel because of his credit card / Abbott.  We toyed around with the idea of going someplace just us, but I was convinced that this should be a family trip. 
I suggested going to Milwaukee, but Peter came up with the idea of heading to Madison, Wisconsin. 
He won.  :)

We started with breakfast at Lake Geneva, and headed up to the Farmer's Market around the state capitol building.  While there, we picked up spicy cheese bread, cheese curds, and summer sausage sticks.  Delicious!

After a drive around town so the little ones could nap, and headed to the Madison Children's Museum.  Not too much for the little ones to do, but it still was fun. 

 chickens?!  i love chickens!  are they extra crispy or original recipe?

Time to eat!  We headed to The Great Dane pub for dinner (where J and I split a bacon mac and cheese pizza), and ended up at Ella's Deli for dessert and a carousel ride.  (Ella's would be the first thing on my list if we went back there... too much fun!  Kitschy, Jewish, ice cream.)

 look who's sitting in a high chair for the first time!!

Hotel time!  The hotel ran out of cribs, so...  plan B.  Jason slept in the pack and play we brought, and Kayla slept on the pull out couch mattress which we placed on the floor.  After a giggle attack by both kids that could be heard down the hall, they both blissfully slept through the night.

 showing off his stinky feet...
 giggles.  someone has a case of the giggles.
helping out daddy

Off to the Henry Vilas Zoo... Jason adored seeing all the animals!  Kayla got to ride on her first carousel!  We wore both the kids out... and stopped in Whitewater to a custard place that Peter used to go to as a boy as the kids napped.  Ha!  They missed really good custard.

I'm so happy we were able to get away... and it reconfirmed our choice to not spend major money on vacation (aka Disney) until they're old enough to really appreciate it. 

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  1. Dude, I ate at both those restaurants last time I was there! Also? Stephen Tyler PJs.....Stephen Tyler PJs........