Sunday, June 19, 2011

father's day...

this year, we were able to spend the actual day of father's day alone with just our little family of four.  (that's peter's favorite type of day... he's been crazy busy at work with two ginormous projects and hasn't been home much... hence why i haven't blogged.)

anyway, on pintrest i stumbled upon an idea for a fabulous card...

considering all weekend mornings with the little man start off with this wonderful device where elmo lives, i thought it would be a fun card to make.  i haven't taken a picture of mine yet, but it was way cute.  I decided to make it like a "scavenger hunt," and he could lift the flap of each app to find out what came next.

i gave him the pictures that the kids and i took for father's day...

 daddy's sweatshirt... not so happy though...
daddy's hat
 daddy's sweatband.... not daddy's legwarmers
peter's nickname for k is "cupcake..."

then, i grabbed him coffee and a boston creme donut (his favorite).  he took little man for a bike ride, and came back to a picnic in the park.  after playing playstation during nap time, we went up to bonner's farm, out to dinner at a new restaurant, and had ice cream at a new ice cream place.  

 yeah... she's sitting in a high chair :)
 guess who learned how to blow bubbles in his milk?!?

all in all, it was a simple, delightful father's day.  
and peter deserved every ounce of it.  
he is such a wonderful father. 


  1. So much cute! Cupcakes are the new black. I've been trying to prove that for years! YEARS I SAY!!!!! YEARS!!!! Except, everyone thinks babies are the new black. dammit. I'll stick to cupcakes.

  2. The far left picture of Kayla in Peter's hat is awesome!!! She's all "Word yo!"