Tuesday, March 22, 2011

4 month wellness

Sweet Baby K is officially 4 months (as of the 17th, actually).  

Peter was able to take Kayla to the doctor today 
for her wellness check up since I had to be at school.  

Things are so, so good.  
The cyst in her mouth hasn't come back, 
her breathing is normal about 75% of the time, 
she's been sleeping through the night for almost two months (knock on wood) 
and she's eating between 6-8 oz 5 times a day.  
She's truly amazing.

weight:  15 lb, 12 oz = 90th %tile, 
and that means she'll be into 6-9 month clothing in 1lb.  
height:  25.5 inches = 90th %tile.

We make big babies.  :)

Kayla craves attention.  
If she's crying, walk over to her, smile and say her name, and she calms down.  She's incredibly expressive, wiggles all over the place, and loves to chew on her hand.  She can pull a "peek-a-boo" towel off her face even though she has no idea what she's doing, and loves playing peek-a-boo with us.  She's happiest in someone's arms.  She gets frightened of loud noises, much more so than Jason, and gets startled when something she's not expecting happens.  She doesn't mind being naked anymore, and is interested in her mobile.  She watches her brother non-stop.   Her legs have lost the newborn skininess and have started to get pudgy.  (love)  She's totally rocking a faux-hawk.  She's been enjoying the bouncer play thing... I can't believe she's big enough already to touch the floor!

Sweet, sweet baby K....  you're amazing.  

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  1. She looks like Jason in the last photo :-)

    Glad to hear she's doing well. Are we going to have a play date next week?