Tuesday, March 29, 2011

everyday love

i've missed it.

being back at work the past few weeks made me really appreciate the loveliness of being able to slow down, pack up the kids and go somewhere on a whim, and just be together.  

so far, this spring break has offered me just that.
(and i have my period.  which means i'm not pregnant.  for the first march in 2 years.)

and i got a new iphone 
(yay birthday present!)
so i was able to capture the little things
without lugging around the nikon :)

beware of the photo dump.

sunday was bass pro shop night, and jason got to go say hi to the fish:

What'chu talkin' 'bout, Mama?

followed by playing in jason's room before bedtime:

yesterday was a day with gramma at the mall, with little man getting his hair cut, having his first ride on those quarter machines, and finishing up easter/passover/spring holiday clothes shopping.
then, it was playtime:

 yep... that's sweet baby k eating rice cereal.  can you believe it?  i can't.

finally, today was a rachelle/ike day!  yay!  
i can easily say i've missed them the most.  
look at our little ones... how could i not miss it?!?!

 j was a little "too cool for school" in this pic...

and then, we had to go back to grampa's to give him the final tax things he needed...
so we got to play even more!

 helping grampa work...

and there's more to come... 
tomorrow we get to meet a new friend for the first time,
thursday is (hopefully) lunch with another new friend, 
and hopefully friday i can stop by school and figure out what in the world i'm teaching on monday,
because for the life of me, 
i. don't. remember.

slow down, days. you can warm up a bit, but i need you to slow down!

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