Thursday, March 17, 2011

at the end of the rainbow...

there's a very messy baby.  

it's saint patrick's day!  and we're polish roman catholic/jewish.  

so, our night might not be considered traditional, but i think it may become a tradition for us.

 it started out with jason helping us unload groceries.
he bit through the plastic of the sharp cheddar/whiskey irish cheese.
and when we gave him a small taste, he actually liked it.
apparently, my kid is a stinky cheese eater.

sweet baby k celebrated the night before her 4 month birthday
sitting on the floor and serenading us as we ate the jewish version of 
st. patrick's day...

stinky cheddar cheese, corned beef, pickles, and coleslaw.
get it?  corned beef and cabbage!
everyone loved it, and peter and i got a kick
out of seeing jason plow through rye bread and corned beef.

time for dessert. 
do you see that cup in front of peter?  
pudding.  yum.
the yellow is actually the french vanilla color.
the rest is food coloring.
we ate rainbows.

"Mama?  Daddy?  Can I really really eat this?"

Nom nom nom nom....

 Peter challenged Jason to his first
light saber out of spoons competition.
Kayla wisely stayed out of it.

No Mom.  We did not feed Kayla any pudding.
But it sure looks like we did :)

Jason's been practicing his fine motor skills.  
Dip... eat.  Dip... eat.  Dip... eat. 

Pudding is so important you have to use two hands.

 "I really don't get what all the fuss is about. 
Why doesn't everyone just drink Similac?"

"Is there any left?!?!?   IS THERE ANY LEFT?!?!?"


 Best pic of the night, I think :)

"Well, I suppose it is pretty.  I love rainbows
as much as the next person.  Maybe next year
I'll give this a try."

 happy baby.

sugar... sugar... sugar!

 sweet baby k and her daddy-man.

 "I LOVE PUDDING!  I'm gonna drink it!"

"Hey, um, Jason?  You got something on your hand..."

 "Really?   Where?  Ahh.. there it is."

"Okay.  I'm done.  Clean me." 

I hope your St Patrick's day was full of mischievous leprechauns, 
rainbows, and gold at the end of your rainbow.  

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  1. Kayla totally looks like she could rock a mohawk. . .have you tried it yet? :-)