Saturday, March 26, 2011

oh peggy :)

it was the first official day of spring break today.

the weather was crappy, but i REFUSED to stay home. 

do you know about peggy?  

specifically, the peggy notebaert nature museum

i went once when i was a teacher's aid
right out of college
and loved it then, even though i was
petrified of losing a child.
(the losing the child thing still scared me this time)

you should go.  really.
i want to go back in the summer so we can
enjoy the rooftop garden. 

auntie the julie joined us there, 
fighting the crowds there for the farmers market,
learning how to manuever our double wide stroller 
(thanks bubbe!)
playing with buttons, running around, 
and not eating butterflies.

and lunch at five guys.

a few pictures from our trip....

 um.. wait.  where are we going?!
 awesome faux-hawk this morning...
 there were butterflies and dragonflies that moved when you pulled a lever.
 enthralled?  too weak of a word.  

 buttons.  buttons.  buttons.  
 kayla and auntie the julie

 jason did NOT eat the butterfly.
 and the butterfly survived his tiny little touch...

too many jokes with that one, eh?

 little man loved the polar bear.

nom nom nom nom...
hey dude... there's something on your face.

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  1. YAY FUN. Let's do that again. I really wanted a butterfly to land on Kayla's head. Like, I really did a lot. :-) Thanks for letting me tag along!