Wednesday, March 2, 2011

3 days down... 3 months to go.

Well... it's not as bad as I expected. 

I suppose it never is.

I've been happy when I've been at work.  I feel productive.  I love helping my students.  I loved how excited they were to see me, and I loved how they asked so many questions about Jason and Kayla.  Right now I'm trying to get my groove back, and luckily with support from my team and friends, it's going well.  The substitute I had was absolutely incredible.  She's inspired me to push myself and become a better teacher.  Well.. maybe not a better teacher... but the kind that I was back before babies and pregnancies.  Where I would come up with ideas that would inspire kids and help those who were struggling.  I think I needed a good kick in the a** to get me back to that, and she was the perfect inspiration.  Just now, I have to find a balance.  Teaching isn't everything anymore.  But I'm sure I'll figure it out.

Do I miss my babies while I'm at school?  Every second. 

However, it's really helped me spend true quality time playing with them when I get home.  Before, I used to dread the 4:00 - bedtime hours... it seemed like the hours before dinner especially would drag and drag.  This week, the hours have been flying, and have been filled with laughter, play, hugs, books, baths, and more laughter.  Even though I'm fighting off a cold, I'm surprised with the amount of energy that I have for J&K.  That makes me so happy.

No pictures today... I'm exhausted from a 12 hour day of teaching and conferences.   But, I'm surviving.  My kids are loving spending time with Bubbe, Gramma and Grampa. 

I'm so lucky.

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