Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hot 102.3

Wanna see something pitiful?

Poor, poor little man.   The tear sitting on his cheek is what gets me.

Let me explain.

I knew it was going to be a rough day when little man woke up at 5:30 with a diaper malfunction.  
Nothing too terrible... he drank too much (milk) last night, and soaked through his diaper.  The gel stuff was all over his tummy, and he was plain ol' uncomfortable.

Or so I thought.

Luckily for me, today was a half day of parent teacher conferences.  So, my mom came over to our house to babysit the kids so we could spend time together when I got off early.  

I knew she was in for a treat.  Bubbe's report:  Jason was crabby.  Jason was whiny.  Jason wouldn't stop crying.  Jason ate (of course he ate), but had trouble with napping in his crib even though he was happy to pass out in the living room.

I got home and took the little man on my lap for some snuggles and TV.  After about a half hour of both of us dozing off, I felt this forehead.  



Felt his stomach.  


Double uh-oh.

Took his temperature.

Hot 102.3.  

(which, by the way, used to be my favorite radio station back in high school.  It was a Lake County station and it was awesome.  I like the number on the radio much better than the one on the thermometer)

Time to call the doctor!  

I didn't want to take any chances of infection due to the little man's hand being in a hard cast, so off we went back to buffalo grove with yellow popsicle all over his face and tongue.  

Good news:
rapid strep test:  negative
flu test:  negative
ears:  all clear
nose:  all clear 
lungs:  all clear

The doctor gave us that tamaflu (sp?) stuff just in case because the fatigue and fever look like flu symptoms.  He also recommended that if Jason isn't feeling any better by tomorrow to take him to get the cast off just in case there's an infection, but we all doubt that that's the case.  

As of right now, Jason is pumped with prescriptions and tylenol.  He's woken up whining, but goes back to sleep on his own.   Hopefully he can do that all night.  I'm sure with a good night of sleep he'll be back to his usual self.

And luckily, we have two wonderful grandmothers to divide and conquer.... Kayla's having another sleepover over at Bubbe's so she doesn't catch whatever it is that Jason has or my cold.  

And Jason's going to get some Gramma love tomorrow.   And... I get an early dismissal day tomorrow because it's a teacher inservice day!  Let's hope everyone of us can get better so we can enjoy the weekend!

Oh... I never posted this picture... you've gotta see.

Kayla and her Daddy just hanging out... isn't she so big?!


  1. Poor Little Man! Hope he is feeling better today! (Ugh, I just got thrown up on, but he seems okay, maybe it was just a teething fluke? Please lord!)

  2. Gramma will make him feel tons better, but OMG he does look preciously pitiful!! I cant wait to get up there and love on them!!