Friday, April 1, 2011

already? really?

it's april!??!

where in the world did this break go? 
such a tease you were, spring break.

cold and quick.

our last real days of break were full of simple pleasures...

 sock monkeys...
 bear hats from auntie the julie...

 which obviously weren't meant to be worn...

 playing around at the park

sharing devouring ice cream with daddy... 
(mint oreo blizzard, if you were curious)

 becoming a "pepper pal" at chili's,
where jason ignored his mac and cheese, discovered cinamon apples,
and mooched a french fry off of his our new friend sogol. 
ike?  he just flirted.  he didn't mooch.
rachelle and i got to talk about our favorite subject... babies!
(no.  not either of ours, thankyouverymuch.)
such a lovely lunch with a new friend...

 eh... 45 degrees is warm enough.  let's go outside and play!

 kayla's two favorite men... grampa and daddy!

friday night dinner, and we actually have challah!
(and ham.  and bacon.  and cheese.  totally kosher :) )

two more days of freedom...
then back to work for 2 months and 7 days.
summer... summer... summer...

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