Monday, April 4, 2011

simple gifts

i turned 30 today.

i thought it might be a big deal, but other things are more important right now.

i've been composing a post in my head about all i want to accomplish in this new decade.  and i'm simply too tired to write it.  hopefully someday soon, most likely after this week, it will be posted.
but now, we'll celebrate with some simple gifts.

my morning commute was so much quicker because of a birthday serenade from grandma sunny and zadie mort.

3 of my students brought me chocolate.  :)

peter bought me flowers and signed a card from the kids.
he also surprised me with a fabulous dinner of steak, grilled asparagus (first of the season), garlic bread and red wine risotto (which is my favorite!)

jason was so fun at dinner... he ate the garlic bread and risotto, and tried to drink out of a cup (which ended with a completely soaked shirt and diaper).  we also learned he likes to have his cheeks pinched, which will be good for all the family we'll be seeing over the next few days.

my dad got me a mrs. fields cookie cake for dessert tonight, but we all know it really was from debbie and she just got him to sign it.  :)

and kayla, sweet kayla, didn't cry the entire time between 5:45 - 7pm.  she actually ate the rice cereal we offered... 2 tbsp cereal and 2 tbsp apple juice!  impressive!

off to bed... it's gonna be a long week!

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