Tuesday, April 12, 2011

and then, it was just us.

it's been a long week.  

a good, mourning, healing, memory making, reconnecting week.

we were able to spend time as an adult with all my cousins who we never see,
the kids won the hearts of everyone who saw them,
and the week made me realize that even though we may not be close,
we're still family.  and that matters.

hopefully, next time we'll see each other under better circumstances.
a trip is in the works for me to see my favorite cousin kathryn in new york this summer.
so, so, so excited.
when we were younger, our grandma had me go with to pick her up from the airport.
i love that she'd have to come get me. 

anyway, a week of spending time with the same people gets really long.
and i the kids missed our small little everyday normal routines.
bath time, stories, little man laying on me as i sing lullabies.  

it's been nice to get it back.

we've started taking the kids outside from 6-7 because it's kayla's witching hour
and she won't. stop. screaming.
outside helps.  and it's been lovely.


jason learned how to "run" up and down hills.

he discovered his shadow.

he can find the moon.  and point and say "mmmmmmmmm"
(it totally counts as a word.  yeah.  i said so.)

he helped walk the dog.  (oy)

then i tried to give sweet little kayla some attention.
her daddy had been pushing her in the stroller, and i thought it was my turn.
poor cupcake.  i feel like a lot of her life is going to be this way...

at least she gave me some smiles, right?

those eyes.  i just LOVE those eyes.

the jewish/catholic spring holiday extravaganza is starting this coming sunday!
seder here on sunday, seder at mom's on monday, 
auntie invasion!!
easter egg hunt/ dinner a week from saturday, polish easter on sunday with the augustines.
so much to look forward to.
maybe i'll even post some new recipes.  :)

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