Sunday, April 24, 2011

auntie invasion!

There was no school on Friday.  Most kids thought it was for Earth Day.  Technically, it was for Good Friday.  But for us?  It was...


(that's the best pink i can do, staci :) )

Friday was a cold, drizzly day... and therefore it was perfect to bum around the mall and go out for pizza!  Jason was able to show off his mad running skills, play at the Disney store, and lunch with his aunties, Gramma, and Grandma D.  Kayla was simply a sweetheart, smiling and laughing, and falling asleep after a bottle watching Bulls highlights.  She also got a fabulous hat.

Highlights form the mall include Aunt Dani getting IN the ice cream truck, 

going up and down the elevator,

and getting cuddles :)

Then, it was time for family dinner to celebrate the end of the tax season.
Dad needed it.  And TOTALLY deserved it!
(and he had a coupon he's been trying to use for at least 9 months)

in additon to fabulous pizza at gino's east... we played with laptops,

inconspicuously threw poop away

wore tutu's...

fell sound asleep after a dinner of squash, applesauce and rice,

and vandalized.

the girls are in all week... so, so excited to play!

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