Saturday, April 16, 2011

two under 18 months...

my little man officially turned 18 months old today.  
and sweet baby k is has graduated from newborn status
and is officially a baby... 
5 months on the 18th!

it's hard to believe.

Jason's stats:  

32 lb, 13 oz.  

 35.5 inches tall
(no, he can't climb stairs like this yet... but he sure tries.)

He has 20ish words right now:
mama, dada, 
ba/buh (basia, bottle, button, bubbe, banana)
muh (which we think is gramma)
up, down, open, close
jew (shoe, juice)
home, bye bye, 
ga (car)  mou (computer mouse), moon,
duh (bird)  and

he is such a joy.  really.  the doctor was actually getting worried
that he was too good, 
so he was happy when jason had a bit of an emotional breakdown in the office.
his curiosity is inspiring, his smiles are truly my sunshine,
and he's an outrageous flirt.
he's in a phase right now where he loves to run at you
and dig his head in your chest/lap.
(he's offically motorboated all of my friends.)
he only sometimes eats the crayons, has learned to color, 
and is tall enough to reach the door knobs. 
he thinks everything has a place.
(he threw his oatmeal bowl in the garbage today.  he hasn't learned about dishwashers yet)
he laughs when peter hugs me.
he (finally) gets really excited to read books.
he knows where all the elevators are in hawthorn mall, knows how to open the handicap entrances,  and enjoys a good subway sandwich.
he's learned to blow bubbles in his milk.  which just tickles me to no end.
he "helps" around the house... fetching things we need,
putting wet laundry in the dryer, putting folded socks in daddy's drawer.
his favorite game with his sister is to stick his finger in her mouth.
and then to put the same finger back in his.
repeat.  giggle.  repeat.
basia is his best friend.  however, i'm not sure the feeling is mutual.
he adores running around without his diaper on.
he got 4 pairs of shoes this week.  size 7 wide.
his legs are thinning out.  not as many rolls.  it makes me sad.
he gets shy very rarely,
and it doesn't take much for him to warm up to new people.
and he is loved.  so, so loved.

Kayla's stats:

17 lb 10 oz (85%tile)

26 3/4 inches.  (95%tile)

Kayla is continuing to sleep through the night.
(thank you sweetheart.  thank you)
She was doing this whole cry/whine/scream thing every night for about two weeks from 5:45 to 7, but hasn't done it the past few days.  
Her hair is still faux-hawk-esque, but new hair is starting to grow back in.  
Her daddy is on a mission to scrub off the pesky bit of cradle cap.
Kayla follows everyone with her eyes, and loves to smile and laugh.
She literally grabs life with both hands... she slowly reaches her hands up to grab something dangled in front of her, and then holds on for dear life as she gnaws away at the toy/finger/whatever.
We suspect she's teething.
(part of me wishes for her to have no teeth.  i hate teething.)
She's moved to the high chair, and LOVES it.  I think it's because she feels part of the action.
She's mastered rice cereal, and is now moving up on the first foods list.  This month, she'll be introduced to:
applesauce, pears, bananas, carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, and avocado.
she's totally a daddy's girl.  
and daddy decided to graduate her from the sling in the infant bathtub.  she's getting her lean on, but she's basically sitting up on her own.
she just graduated into 6-9 month clothing.  so far, it seems she'll be ready a month before the clothes say.  that's fabulous.  i can actually keep up.
i can't wait to see her all dressed up for the spring holiday extravaganza we have coming up.   dressing her is my favorite.
i have to admit, she's been frustrating until about two days ago.  i'm not a newborn kinda girl.  but, these past two days, she's been fun.  (not just cute, but we can interact with her.  You know what i mean?) and i'm loving it.
another thing i have to admit.  she's totally smarter than her brother was at the same age.  
and she's loved. so, so loved.
(kayla, if you ever read this later, i know it sounds bad

my favorite part?  they're starting to interact with each other.  although she's a daddy's girl, kayla is enthralled by her brother.  and every once in a while, he'll give her attention.  

we're looking forward to summer... K will be able to sit up and start playing.  I have a feeling Jason will be so patient, and she's going to be early on all her milestones because of him.  

and can i say one more thing?  my husband and i have survived.  
we've lost patience with the kids... with each other... 
but mostly we've laughed.  and loved. 
we are so lucky.  
i am so lucky. 

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