Sunday, April 24, 2011

pancakes with bubbe

no, silly.

not real pancakes.

it's passover!

i'm not a fan of passover food.  honestly, who is?
but, i do have a few favorites.

i'm a sucker for kosher for passover jelly slices.
yellow in particular.

i also enjoy fried matzah and matzah pizza.

however, if i were to choose a favorite?

my mom's matzah pancakes.  they are the only food that she hasn't tried to make "healthier."  no substitutions of splenda, applesauce, or egg beaters.  they're made with real everything, and fried in oil.  (yes... i gasp too!)   the finished product is a fluffy, eggy pancake, that oozes oil when you bite into it (after you douse it with sugar and jelly, of course).  It truly is the only Passover food I look forward to, and my mom indulges me with it every year.  This year, it was the little man's turn.

thursday, i drove over to bubbe's house after work so jason could try his first matzah pancake.

first, we got to play at the park.

bubbe and grandpa's park is awesome.  it's old fashioned and wooden.

 there are tire swings, things to climb,

a long metal slide,

and swings!  

jason loves swings!

what about kayla, you ask?  well, she didn't enjoy the park.
it was still a bit chilly, and she was tired.
so she slept under a blanket.

but, she enjoyed her applesauce and rice cereal... and her jumper!

jason got to eat lox, eggs, n' onions (minus the lox), and enjoyed bubbe's pancakes!

i just LOVE how he's starting to participate in traditions...
i want him to grow up so he can participate more,
but then again i just want him to stop growing and stay this way forever and ever.

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