Sunday, January 16, 2011

Are you ready for some football?

I've never been a big football fan.  When I was younger, Chicago sports revolved around the Chicago Bulls.  I knew everything about everyone for all the championship years (especially BJ Armstrong... he was so cute!), had my own pair of Air Jordans, and watched every game I could.  Since high school, though, I really never paid attention to any Chicago team.  Until bedrest.

When I found out I was to go on complete bedrest with Jason, it was Week 1 of the pre-season.  So, how did we spend our weekends?  Football.  All Sunday long.  And Monday night.  And Thursday night.  I have to say that during the 2009-2010 season, I became a football fan.  I understand what's going on, I can call plays almost as fast as Peter, and even baffle him with some of my questions!  Given that Jason will most likely be a linebacker when he grows up, I figure I better get my head in the game now.  :)

So, as we were watching the first half of the Bears game, we decided to take a few picutres.  It's terrible to say... we haven't had a picture of the 4 of us taken... ever.   I'm not posting a few pictures because they came out blurry, but my favorite one was of Jason touching Kayla's nose... he runs around now saying "baby baby baby baby," and when you ask, "Jason, where's the baby?" he goes over and pokes her on the nose. 

And do you see Kayla's smiles?  Jason didn't give us smiles until the end of the 3rd month, and Kayla will be 2 months in two days.   Although I don't think they're quite so intentional yet, they're there.   And they melt me.  I'm hoping she's smiling because the reflux medicine seems to be doing the trick.  She's able to keep her bottles down better every day!

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