Sunday, January 23, 2011

at least there was ONE good part

Let's not talk about why we had people over.  Let's not talk about how my stomach hurt the entire game, and I almost hid behind the couch and rely on Peter's reaction to see how things were going (that's how I used to watch Bulls games back in the day... behind the couch, listening to my dad scream at the television to know if it was safe to watch).  Let's not talk about my child wearing a cheese head borrowed from his Gramma.

 at least it looks like he doesn't like it. 

Let's talk about the terrible-in-point-value-calories-fat-etc... food that tasted SO good when it was used to mend broken spirits. So good. 

First up, 2 oldies but goodies.  Peter's guacamole is famous... Grandma Sunny has told me she could live on that alone :)  A lot of a guacamole recipe is to taste... here's a good base for you to start with!
  1. Then, we made tortilla roll ups. 
  2. Once again, use this as a base, and Tabasco yourself to whatever floats your boat!

This last one I've been waiting to try for a year and a half.  When I was on bed rest with Jason, Peter had to go out of town a lot.  I stayed at Dad and Debbie's house when that happened, and Debbie and I watched hours and hours of Food Network.  It was football season then, and when Sunny Anderson showed her Farm in a Blanket (think pigs in a blanket with add ons... yum!) we wanted to try it, but never got around to it.  Until today.  Game day.  This recipe was the balm my soul needed to not cry because of the last two plays of the game.  It was sweet and savory and melted and golden... we tweaked the recipe a bit, but turned out to be pretty and delicious!

 by the way, did you notice there were no food posts last week?  
yeah... that was because it was Peter's week, and he never got on board with recipes.  
he did, however, really do his research about our new car, 
which we hope will be ours tomorrow night!  
with all the leftovers in the house, i don't know what we'll do this week.  
all i know is mall walking is a necessity this week, 
not just a time for a brief walk and chit chat.  
I'm going back to work in 6 weeks.  Eek!)

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