Friday, January 28, 2011

my own version of pie vs. shorts...

A few days ago, Rachelle wrote about pie vs. shorts.   You all know what I'm talking about.  The choice.  Do I eat pie/cake/chocolate/pasta/butter/anything that's bad for me but tastes soooooo good, or do I remember that I want to look good in that great pair of shorts/dress/bathing suit?

This time, I didn't choose.  Mother Nature did.

Here's probably a bit of TMI... I got my period this morning for the first time since Barak Obama was sworn into office.  (considering the only man who probably reads this blog is John, not Peter, but John, I'm not too worried.  In fact, I bet John totally gets it.  And would have probably accompanied me to Jewel tonight if he knew.)

It actually made me feel a little better despite the inconvenience...   no wonder I felt bloated and irritable.  And the cravings hit me like a truck.  First I wanted salt.  Then sweet.  Then salt.  Then sweet.  It was is terrible.

Today, screw the shorts/dress/bathing suit.  Today, screw the fact that I have 30 days left until I need to fit back into pants at work.  Today, I needed chocolate.

So, after bath time, I took my bloated/irriatble/craving self to Jewel, where I was on a mission for chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.  I ended up with a delightful concoction called "triple chocolate tiger baby cake."  Sounds strange... tastes soooooo good.  And it was a baby cake, so it was a perfect size for Peter and me.  I'm not taking a picture, for I feel if I take a picture then the calories will count.  :)

I was on my way to check out, and then I saw the cookie aisle.  Out of the blue, I was struck with the urge for:

I'm proud to say I saved $1.42 by buying the Jewel brand instead of the Nabisco. 

I'm not proud to say that I opened the box as soon as I got in my car and ate 1 2 3 on my way home. And I'm eating one right now. 

However, dear reader, I don't care that Peter never had a recipe week.  Apparently, he can't be trusted.  So, expect a full week of new Weight Watchers approved recipes from me this coming week. 

And Rachelle, please, please, please, let's mall walk our little hearts out next week.  I have a feeling that all the Spring window displays are going to make me nauseous about the amount of calories I've eaten this week.  But not nauseous enough to make me stop eating tonight :)

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  1. Oh no worries Carol! The husband wants to go to Buffalo's for ice cream today.... I need more mall walking!!!