Wednesday, January 19, 2011

game face

When we bought our PlayStation 3, it came with Madden NFL '10, which Peter and I enjoyed immensity.  Apparently, I'm a fabulous punt returner.  In the TFL (Tarnawa Football League), the Bears went to the Super Bowl.... I'm hoping that it's a good omen for the Bears...

Anyway, for Christmas, Peter's parents got him the Tiger Woods game, and one of the options was to create your own "game face" 3D avatar thing...  I had to take a front and side picture of him for the best results.

The results?  Freaky.  Here's what Peter would look like bald...

We went through many different looks...  and I just had to post them.  Too funny:

And finally decided on this one:  

How does it look in the game?
Isn't that crazy?  That's who we see on the TV when he plays.

And speaking of game face, he's using that as he negotiates with a car salesman online... we finally got the breakdown of my salary for the rest of the school year, and are only a few steps away from buying a brand new Chevy Traverse.  I am so excited!!  We'd have 2 cars that are safe to drive in during the winter!  (read:  bye bye little white sh*tbox!)

A few more faces:  here's Little Man at Hawthorn Mall today, where he was finally able to walk over, bend down, and crawl through the log (THANK YOU AUNT DANI!!!), and Kayla and her boyfriend.  Not sure how Kayla feels about it yet, but I'm sure she'll warm up to it.


  1. I love the Peter pictures! hahaha, you can use that to try hair cuts for you!

  2. Ummmm....I agree I don't think Kayla has warmed up to the idea of Ike as her boyfriend...I mean come on look at the face she is making at him!! :)

    BTW I am loving Peter's Fohawk picture!!!