Wednesday, January 19, 2011

monthly update

We had both kiddos at the doctor's office for their wellness check ups today.  We are so happy to have gotten the clean bill of health for both of them :)

Little Man at 15 Months, after feeding himself chocolate pudding:

31 lb 10 oz, (above the 97th percentile) and 34" (above the 97th percentile)
can say:  mama, dada (for daddy and duck), baba (for bottle and Basia, nana (for banana), 
UP!, and Jew (for shoes and juice)

Sweet Baby K at 2 months in Jason's old doggie sleep n' play:
11 lb 6 oz, (75th percentile) and 23" (75th percentile)
can:  hold her head up with only a bit of wobble, keep down her bottles with baby zantac, and smile :)

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