Tuesday, January 18, 2011

small victories!

Last week was a bad week.  On so many levels.    However, in the past few days, things have really started to come together, and even the small act of typing them out brings a smile to my face:

1)  Down 2.2 lb this week (even after that amazing dinner at Opa!).  Not only that, I was able to get to the wonderful Hawthorn Mall with Rachelle yesterday and we walked for 45 minutes!  I haven't walked that long without the fear of a baby falling out of me for quite sometime... it felt so good (and felt even better because both kiddos were SO GOOD on the walk).  The weather made it so we weren't able to get out today (our respective husbands both took the "good" car), but my mom's coming over so hopefully I'll break out the wii Active, or maybe have a dance party with Richard Simmons and Jason.  The Little Man will just love Sweatin' to the Oldies.  :)

2)  At said mall, I was finally able to sneak a haircut in for the Little Man.  His hair was getting to be floppy and ridiculous, and would constantly be in his eyes.  The wonderful lady who cut his hair told me there's really no hope in getting rid of the "bump it" look he has going on in the back, but she was able to give him a great big boy haircut.  I swear he grew 297,365 years in the 15 minutes of hair cutting.  Look at this face... could he be any sweeter?  Or more grown up?  I think I have to admit that my baby is a toddler now...

3)  Sweet Baby K is doing so so so so much better thanks to the acid reflux medication!  She's almost back to being her normal.  We've noticed that there are longer and longer stretches of time where her breathing isn't as labored, and last night during her bath Peter didn't see her chest cave in at all!!   Over the past two days, she's been able to take at least 4 oz, if not more, at every feeding, and only a little tiny bit of spit up (which just so happened to land in my hair at 3:30 in the morning, but we'll just move right past that...).  Although I do miss the 2 weeks that she slept through the night, I'm happy to wake up with her if she's no longer hurting and actually wants to eat!  Today, my baby is 2 months old.  I haven't taken many pictures of her over the past weeks, but I promise I'll get one up here later today.  I'm excited for her wellness checkup tomorrow!

4)  I've been able to get 2 photo books done... right now, MyPublisher has an AMAZING deal until January 23rd... 25% off $50, 50% off $100, and 60% off $200!  As soon as I order my books, I'll post a link where you can see them on here.   I made Jason's baby book using this site... they're not as fancy as other sites I've seen, but waaaaay cheaper, and very good quality!

5)  I've been braver than I thought I could be.  No need to go into details, but let's just say that I'm really, really happy and quite proud of myself.

I hope that you've been able to take note of your small victories lately! 

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