Saturday, February 12, 2011

donate? keep? what to do?

Kayla has officially moved up into her 3-6 month clothing, which is amazing for many reasons:

1)  She's right on target, which means she's growing slower than her brother.  Hooray!  By 4 months, Jason was wearing month 12 clothing.  I don't think I could handle another gigantic child.

2)  She's gaining weight even with her breathing issues and reflux issues.  Yay!

3)  Her 3-6 month wardrobe is really cute and I'm really excited for her to wear those clothes.

However... now comes the hard part.  I have 2 kitchen garbage bags full of 0-3 clothes (some leftover Jason's that she borrowed, but mostly hers).  My brother has lent us the closet under the stairs in his basement to store things in... that's where all of Jason's old clothes are.  I'm sure that he would grudgingly let us store her's as well. 

We're just anxiously waiting for someone to have a baby.  There's a certain childhood friend who I would love to give everything too, and I'm sure her mom wouldn't mind storing it all in the basement, but the friend isn't ready yet.  There's a certain newly-wed couple that are thinking of trying soon... and then we all know my feelings about 2 other friends having babies quickly.  We have all this stuff... I want it to go to family or friends, not Goodwill. 

When I was packing Jason's clothes up, I knew my eventual goal was to give them to family and friends.  So, I went through and pulled out clothing that I had emotional attachment to.  His cowboy shirt, his sweater he wore to his "girlfriend's" baptism, etc... 

I filled up one box of his stuff, with Peter getting frustrated with me as to why I was keeping so much.   I'm sure that he'll be even more angry when he sees how much of Kayla's I want to keep.  Hopefully these pictures will help explain. 

The sweater and sleeper were mine when I was a little girl.  
There's a few more things in the 3-6 months size that I'm excited for.  

And look at my little man... the overalls and the turtleneck were Uncle Brad's.  

 wait, what?
 I look like a fool.
 well.. I suppose that it's okay
Ain't nothing going to hold me down...
Yeah... I'm a stud.

It's so much fun seeing them in our old clothes... 
is it bad that I want to see my grandchildren in them?


  1. I would love any IU gear that Jason has out grown :-) Nate doesn't have any yet.

  2. Pete would regret it if you gave it all away (he just is a man so doesn't realize he'd regret it until it's too late :)

    I LOVE that you are passing things down to grandbabies! Ike took newborn photos at the hospital wrapped in the blanket my beloved and dearly missed Grandma had made for me; it felt so right and lovely to have it there. And my niece is getting baptized in my christening gown.

    Lol...Keep it all!!!!