Monday, February 21, 2011

finishing up...

In a week from right now, I will have just finished my first day back at work, and it's made me realize all the things that I had wanted to but haven't gotten done.  So, today was all about getting a head start on spring cleaning.  I went online and booked Stanley Steemer to come out tomorrow and clean every square inch of carpeting of our house, I packed up my Valentine's Day gear, cleaned the master bath (well, everything but the shower... I hate cleaning the shower), did 2 loads of laundry, and managed to get Jason and Kayla down for bed without too much fuss.

Now that they're asleep, I need to prepare for my BFF Stanley to come over... there's toys and books and just plain ol' stuff everywhere, and I need to get this house clean.  I know it will ease a lot of anxiety if the house is put together and I'll only need to worry about picking up and light cleaning until spring break where I can do a massive clean again.

Motivation?  Peter's in Germany right now, and I'd love him to come home to a clean house.  I know that a clean house makes him happy, and it would be a great welcome home present.  Also, my two little ones (and my friend's little ones) deserve a nice clean floor to scoot around on).  Jason and Kayla were both helping me clean today... take a look!

i cleaned up daddy's hat!
 i played with cleaned up my toys!
 i cleaned up kayla's button
 i picked kayla's nose... i don't know why she didn't like it
 i didn't help... but i took good naps.  does that count?
jeez... this cleaning thing is hard work!

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