Saturday, February 12, 2011

silly love songs

Tonight was our valentine's day party.

 I was toying with the idea of either having a party or going out with Peter alone...

Our tradition for valentine's day started back at IU.  My last year there, he bought my roommates cards, took julie and me ice skating (oh yeah, we slow skated in the middle.  it was hot.), and took me out for my first sushi dinner.  Since then, Valentine's day has been all about sushi.  Oh, and how much we love each other.  Oh, and apparently for the past two years, making babies.

Since the making babies thing is out this year (and the year after that, and the next, and the next...), I figured a new tradition seemed like a good idea.  I loved the idea of everyone coming over and being together.  So, I through together an E-vite, got a little creative, and planned a meal.  The party was wonderful.  We made v-day mailboxes, played with mountains of toys, had a kissing booth, and had a really good dinner and fabulous treats for dessert.  (funfetti.  enough said.)  And, honestly, the chidlren (and adults) had very few emotional breakdowns.  No one had an explosive diaper.  It was a good day.  :)

This post is going to be full of pictures.  They say it best.  If you want to see them all, head over to

 John is getting crafty.
 Ladies making mailboxes.
Peter opens up the Kissing Booth
Poor Sweet Baby K... she slept right through her turn!

 You gonna give me a kiss, Miss Maddie?
i. love. it.
 let me out!

 John and Paulina
our new friend Tolu
the van riets
my favorite picture of the dios

rachelle totally making out
 i want a turn on the slide
oh my goodness.  look at all those kids!

Hope you have a lovely valentine's day, everyone!

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