Tuesday, February 8, 2011

kayla's spring wardrobe wish list

Earlier today, Rachelle and I went to Gurnee Mills to walk intstead of to our usual Hawthorn. 

Gurnee Mills is awesome because it's huge and fabulous for mall walking, not too crowded on a weekday morning, a nice Starbucks that will give you free warm water for bottle making, and has a free aquarium in Bass Pro so Jason and Ike can be entertained by fish!  I wish I took out my camera.  That part was cute.

The problem about Gurnee Mills is there's really no shops I want things for myself in (unlike Hawthorn, where I keep reminding myself that spring is coming and I want to be a few sizes down, and therefore won't buy anything), there are a gazillion shops for babies.  All in the same area. 

Pow!  There's Carters!  Thwap!  Gymboree Outlet!  Zonk!  Gap Outlet!  Kazowie!  Disney Store!

I only bought a few things today... I bought a gift for a birthday party on Sunday, and a dress that was on sale for Kayla's first Valentine's day.  She had a sleeper with hearts, but Rachelle deemed it "suggestive" to wear a sleeper, and I wholeheartedly agree.  And the dress was $7.  And super cute. 

However, if I could have, I would have spent over $400 in a blink of an eye on Kayla's summer wardrobe.  Isn't that one of the fun parts of having a girl?  I can dress her in whatever I like until she gets older, right?  She's like my little doll and I can play dress up.  Too bad the clothes cost money...

Have you ever noticed that if you click on a bunch of items to put in your online cart it almost feels as good as shopping?  I didn't do that today.  I didn't want to know what my grand total was. 

if money grew on trees
if babies didn't grow so fast
if babies didn't spit up 
if babies didn't have big brothers who get into everything
if I knew how to get every kind of stain out
if if if...

this is what Kayla's spring/summer wardrobe would look like.  
At least for this month.  
Next month, the stores will have all new things.  And I'll probably do this again.

Baby Gap:
 Old Navy
I stopped there, but I know I'd find even more at JC Penny's and Kohls.  Oy.

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