Thursday, February 24, 2011

Vati ist nach Hause

translation:  Daddy is home!

Peter has been in Germany since Saturday, and after a 2 hour weather delay, he's finally home!  Jason (as overtired as he was for only taking a 20 minute nap today) was full of smiles for his daddy.  :)

I missed Peter, but so much more than I usually do, and for different reasons.  I missed him because he couldn't play with Jason.  I missed him because he couldn't snuggle Kayla until she fell asleep.  I missed him because we couldn't laugh when Jason did something funny.

But he's home now.  And we have three whole days before I go back to work, and nothing on the calendar.  No places to go, no schedule to follow... just us.

He brought home presents...

a german police car toy that makes sounds 
and has flashy lights when you push buttons.

buttons?!  i LOVE buttons!   
too bad i can't understand a word of what they're saying...

daddy got me shoes!  they're pink, blue and have moons.  
and they shake when i kick.
my daddy is awesome.

mmmmmmmilk chocolate... yeah, they're bigger than king sized.  

One more gift I want to share with you...  it makes me giggle.

This is what German people consider to be a great bath toy.
I call it drunk German hippo with rabies.
(the rabies you can't see... when you pour bubble bath in it, it foams.)
I can't blame Peter for buying it.   I would have too.

Kids are in bed.  Dog is happy.  
I'm thinking it's cuddle time.  :)

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