Wednesday, February 23, 2011

kupcake, you say?

When we were pregnant with Jason, and we didn't know that he was a he yet, Peter was nervous.  He didn't want girls.  His reason:  he knew what he was like in high school, and he didn't want to see someone treat his daughter the way he treated girls back then.  My thoughts?  I think he was scared sh*tless.

I gave Peter his son.  When round two came along, I was (not so secretly) hoping for a girl.  I knew we were done with trying for kids, so it was our last shot.  Although I'm sure I would have been happy with two boys (have you seen pictures of my Jason?  he's freaking adorable!), but I think I would have always wondered about having a girl.

I have so many things that I can't wait to introduce Kayla to...
-   tea parties
-  American Girl Dolls
-  Dress up
-  Barbies (with no Ken dolls with heads that fall off when making Barbie and Ken kiss... right Rebecca?)
-  Star Wars (I was Princess Leia growing up, you know)
-  Anne of Green Gables (mostly for Gilbert Blythe)
-  Theater, piano, guitar, etc...

But, that list is selfish.  Maybe she'll like Alonzo Wilder better than Gilbert Blythe.  
but seriously though... how could she not like Gilbert?  Gilbert... sigh... 

Maybe she'll want to play fireman and basketball with her brother and want nothing to do with dolls.  Maybe... maybe... maybe... all I know is I can't wait to see what she likes and who she is.

The best part... she's giving us glimpses everyday.

Kayla loves to be cuddled.  She doesn't like to be jiggled or "shaken" when she's upset, she prefers quiet rocking.   She also calms down when you have her stand up.  I think she likes being part of the action.  She stares at you wide eyed and memorizing your face when you feed her, and she's stopped eating to smile at me.  (melting...)

She enjoys peekaboo, has accidentally pulled on one of her toys on the bouncer to make it sing, and loves the Winnie the Pooh rattle.   We have to buckle her in on her bouncer because she's a mover and will  plant her feet and arch her back and squirm herself right out!   I place her in her crib every night, and wake up to find her horizontal at the foot of the crib.

She's an incredible sleeper (as long as she's swaddled) and will take naps anywhere.  She snores.  Louder than me.  She doesn't fuss very much and apparently seems to roll with the punches as long as you feed her every three hours.   Her cry is so very ladylike, and her little babbles now and then have such a sweet little quality.   It's easy to forget about her sometimes... which sounds terrible, but she's so good and doesn't ask for much.  Right now, it's the squeaky wheel that gets the oil.

She adores her brother already.  Whenever Jason moves, she's watching him.  She even puts up with him sticking a bottle in her eye (what?  he was helping!) and grabbing her bellybutton every time we do a diaper change on the floor.

However, she does not appreciate Jason's "vocal exploration," and cries when she gets startled as Jason lets out an ear piercing scream.

She's so tall... she's filling out the bassinet at her Gramma's house and I don't think we'll be able to use it much longer.   Her feet are enormous.  Her hair is starting to fall out (right now it's dark like Peter's... I wonder if it will stay that way or get lighter like Jason's and mine)  Her clothes brighten the laundry... it's amazing what a bit of pink will do.  And in the right outfit, she looks so grown up.

Everyday she brings me a quiet sense of joy...  Jason's is laugh out loud high pitched squeal joy, but right now Kayla's is quiet.  For some reason, I don't think that will always be the case.  Kayla is already so much more active that Jason was, and I can't wait to see who she will be in a month... 2 months, 6 months, a year... I can't wait until she will be able to join in on our family fun instead of watching it from a bouncer.  I can't wait until she's says mama, dada, Jason...  can't wait, can't wait, can't wait.

However, she's already 3 months... almost 3 1/2... time is flying!   Maybe it's best that we just stand still, and enjoy that baby smell, enjoy her tiny hand wrapped around our fingers, enjoy the smiles...

Oh... and Peter?  He's smitten.  I've been calling her sweet pea as well as Sweet Baby K, but I have a feeling that cupcake is going to stick.  Oh... right... pardon me.  Kupcake.  Peter wants it to be with a K.  :)


  1. YES, Almonzo Wilder! Let the rivalry being! Then I'll get her to fall in love with Atticus Finch. Y

  2. I'm not team Almonzo or team Gilbert. . .I loved them both :-)