Sunday, February 13, 2011

silly love songs, the morning after.

so... since no one ate nearly enough last night, Jason had to resort to eating 2 different kinds of cupcakes this morning. 
really?  really mama?  
i can have funfetti for breakfast?!
and an organic cupcake from whole foods?
best day ever.

No.  I'm not that terrible of a mother.  He did eat parts of two cupcakes, but then Peter made us a pre-Valentine's breakfast.  I love that poke a hole in the bread and drop the egg in stuff, so I asked for that this morning.  Peter took it a step further and the hole was a heart.  J love it.  So did I.  :)

I'm not sure with Jason's surgery this week if we'll be making anything new, so I wanted to share the recipes from last night with you.  It was so simple, cheap for feeding as many as it could, and we have so many leftovers.  Best part, the soup was made the night before, and the beef was prepared early in the morning, so the only cooking Peter had to do when we had 10 adults over was shred the beef.   Since our guests brought appetizers and desserts, it was one of the easiest parties ever.



  1. Those were both AWESOME last night. Thanks for sharing the recipes! I made have decided to take some drastic measures in my life and I may have told the husband that I'm starting Insanity tomorrow...

  2. ummm... wow. Mrs. D, I have a feeling we need to chat tomorrow morning. Insanity is drastic. Was this rash decision made at the condo or at IKEA? :)