Friday, February 18, 2011

you said three weeks, right?

It started out as a lovely day.

A play date with Miss Maddie and Ike was on the agenda... we'd have lunch, kids would nap, and then we'd have a very special cake (which has not been cut into yet... I'll post a pic tomorrow).

Lunch happened.  Play happened.  Naps happened (2 hours for both Maddie and Jason!).

Then there was trouble.

Paulina heard Jason on the baby monitor and told me he was up.  I opened the door and walked in to a smiley happy baby.  I go to unzip his sleepsack and get him up for a diaper change.  After I easily pulled his hands out, I realized there was a problem.

I easily pulled his hands out.  There were two hands showing.

Something's not right.

I searched the crib, and smooshed into a corner was Jason's soft cast.

"Paulina!!!!  I need you!!!!"

I knew I needed to call the orthopedic surgeon right away, because he told me that if (or when) the cast came off, we shouldn't go to the emergency room, but to make sure the area was covered and safe from germs, and to go to the office.  His suggestion for covering the area?  A maxipad and duct tape.  

It was 3:00 on a Friday.  I knew there was limited time.

I called the office in Park Ridge, and they transferred me to the office in Fox River Grove, and Dr. Simmons was luckily still there.  He was packing up and ready to go, but said he'd wait until we got there.

Scramble.  Throw stuff in the diaper bag.  Figure out how to dress J's wound... no maxipad here, just gauze and tape.  The only time Jason cried was (once again) because he was hungry.  He usually gets a snack when he wakes up... not today!  Say goodbye to friends.  (THANK YOU RACHELLE!!  THANK YOU PAULINA!!  THANK YOU MOM!) Nearly take off the side view mirror as I pull out of the driveway.  Get to the office in an astonishing 30 minutes.

Dr. Simmons takes one look at Jason, and laughs.  He said he'd see me in three weeks.  It was 54 hours.

I love Dr. Simmons.  I'm so happy we've gotten to know him, because we all know that someone else is going to break a bone sometime.  :)  I ask if it's normal for a kid to break out of his soft cast.  He told me that chubby kids like Jason wiggle out faster than skinny kids.  My son has a lot of squish on his arm, providing more wiggle room.  If the doctor made it too tight, it would cut off circulation.  So... it was easy to break out of.

We decided to go with a hard cast, above the elbow, waterproof and in blue.  It took less than 10 minutes, and the wonderful doctor had Jason smiling and laughing the whole time.  I asked if he ever had a kid bust out of the above the elbow kind.  Yup.  However, he'd never had a kid bust out of the above the elbow waterproof kind, so if Jason does it, it'll be a first.

I hoping we don't get that honor.  :)

Anyway, Jason's adjusting well.  Hopefully, this will be a better match for us.  And, I was able to get a sneak peek at his hand.  He's doing awesome... his hand is swollen, but it looks normal!!!  I'm so excited to see it in a few weeks.

 just because i have a cast doesn't mean i won't cause trouble
 the waterproof insides aren't as interesting as the old cotton ones... 
and not nearly as easy to pick and eat!
 what did i do?  i'm an angel!
check out my blue appendage!
hey!  i look like super grover!

Have you missed hearing about Kayla?  Yeah, me too.  
Did you know she's officially 3 months old today?  
I have a post semi-written about her about how different she is from Jason in my head, 
and I was going to write it today, but Jason stole all the attention.  
Hopefully I'll be able to get it written out one of these days.
2nd child syndrome is way hard, man.  

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  1. If anyone is gonna bust out of a cast it's Lil Man!!! I cant believe Kayla's 3 mo already...holy crap, time flies!