Monday, February 14, 2011


I wasn't expecting much for valentine's day this year.   That sounds a lot meaner than it's meant to be...

You've read about Peter's and my tradition.  We're not "valentiney" people.  The party on Saturday night was wonderful, breakfast yesterday was wonderful, and that was really all I needed.

When I took the dog out last night, I snuck 3 cards into Peter's car... one from me, one from Kayla and on from Jason.  I figured he'd come home with a card, and perhaps flowers. 

I was in for a suprise.  :)

It was a hard day today... I'll post more about that tomorrow when there's resolution, so I was so overwhelmed and happy when I came home to 4 wonderful things:

1)  the four MyPublisher books I ordered came in, and they are beautiful.  After bath time and bed time, Peter and I get to snuggle up and look at all our memories since the little man was born.  That sounds perfect even writing it.

2)  I checked my email.  My husband "made" me a valentine's card via PowerPoint presentation, complete with clip art.  Be still my techie heart.  :)

3)  While checking my email, I noticed a piece of paper peeking out from behind the keyboard.  It was a letter.  A love letter.  My husband is foreign, and although most times you can't tell, you can tell in his writing.  He's a fine technical writer, but conversational writing is not his forte.  But, during the past few weeks, I've told him that I needed his words more.  I needed to feel like I was important.

At dinner a few weeks ago, a newly wed friend asked a few of us "longer marrieds" if our husbands missed us when we went out for dinner, because hers did.   All of the friends answered yes.  And I said
no.  Peter is perfectly happy being home alone, or being home with the kids. 

Do you remember that movie with Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn?  I never saw it, but I remember the line from the commercial for it...

Jennifer Aniston:  I want you to want to do the dishes!
Vince Vaughn:  Why would I want to do the dishes?

After dinner that night, I felt like the dishes.  And I told him so.  I don't want to only be his kid's mom.   I want much more than that.  But with everything going on with them lately, it's what it felt like.  I'm Mama.  That's all.

Today, in his letter, he gave me his words.  I teared up (just a bit) and felt like a wife.  A completely loved wife.  sigh

4)   After I gave him my thank you, he told me to go back and check my email.  You know how I'm making all those MyPublisher books?  I told him last night that they're running a deal now on 40% off gift certificates.  So, for $60, you can get a $100 gift card.  The best price I've seen for the books is $35, so with the gift certificate money paying the sale price, you could get 3 books for $60.  Does that make sense?  He didn't seem too interested in it last night, (nor does he ever seem interested in my picutre taking or the makings of the books) but in my email today was a gift certificate for $100, and a note that said

I thought you'd like a gift certificate from my publisher because the books you make are so beautiful. I love you and thank you for creating them. 

So much better than flowers.  

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's day.  :)

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