Wednesday, February 9, 2011

hoisin sauce

When I was a little girl, almost any trip into the city meant going to China Town.  If you know my father, you already understand.  (The man will travel far and wide to get the best eggroll...) 

Going to the Museum of Science and Industry?  We're going to China Town!

Going to the Auto Show?  We're going to China Town!

Seeing a musical?  We're going to China Town!

I don't remember the name of the place we used to go to... it's no longer there.  But, I remember the routine:

Decide we're going to China Town.  Mostly likely get lost getting there.  Mom locking the doors.  Dad finally finding his way, and getting annoyed finding street parking.  Go to restaurant.  Mmm... steamed dumplings, bbq pork, egg rolls.  (to this day, I'd be happy with a meal of Chinese appetizers).  Go across the street to the corner market with ducks hanging in the window.  The place smells like fish.   Mom and Dad go straight to the econo-sized hoisin sauce, because they don't sell it yet at the Buffalo Grove Jewel.  Brad and me?  Pocky Sticks.  Check out, walk across the street to the bakery.  Dad buys bean balls.  (Brad can't stop laughing).  Pick up a few more treats, head back to the car, Brad whining because he wasn't allowed to buy nun chucks/swords/anything teenage mutant ninja turtle related weapon.  Get in car, break out Pocky Sticks.  Sword fight with a few of them til we fight/get yelled at.  Then, sit and suck the chocolate off.  Repeat next trip.

We've already taken Jason to China Town after the 2010 Auto Show (you know we had to), but we weren't able to make it to the stores because it was late and cold.  Luckily, our Garden Fresh carries the hoisin sauce.  It's the only one that tastes right.
Last night, Peter made us Asian Noodle Soup for dinner, along with a quick California roll.  It was sooo good.  It tasted like China Town in a bowl.  The best part?  Jason could eat it this time.  He had the sushi (minus the crab part) and the stuff from the soup.  The combination of mint, basil and hoisin sauce was very interesting (in a good way), and made the soup taste way more than only 6 points a serving. 

Here's the soup recipe.  Give it a try.  It's gonna be a cold one tonight.
And Dad doesn't know how lucky he is... we're swinging by there with leftovers today!


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