Thursday, February 10, 2011


i hate socks.

let me clarify.  i do the laundry in our house.
i don't mind the washing, drying, hanging, 
or choosing which laundry detergent matches the laundry 
(right rachelle?)
i just hate folding socks. 

it's not their fault.  i loved me some toe socks in college.  
i also loved using socks to wrap presents because i never had any wrapping paper 
(right julie?)

i just hate matching them up.  

peter knows this.  he knows this very well.
so he says he'll fold the socks.  

i do the laundry during the day, and put everything away but the socks.
socks go on his side of the bed.
poor socks.  they end up on the floor. 
most likely to be washed again because 
peter's lazy and 
i. hate. folding. socks. 

tonight, however, i'm stuffing them into peter's pillow.
he never reads the blog.  he won't know.
hehehehehehe.  :)

did you have the one chore you hated when you were growing up?
and you couldn't wait to have kids
so you wouldn't have to do them anymore?
mine was the dishwasher.  i hated emptying the dishwasher.

i'll be more than happy to empty the dishwasher every day...
jason just needs to grow up so he can fold the socks.

and then kayla needs to grow up so she can empty the dishwasher.
isn't that what two kids are for?  :)

Tonight's dinner was a yummy 5pp black bean soup.  
We have tons of recipes for it because we love black bean soup.
The surprise ingredient here?  Brown sugar.



  1. Ugh, I hate socks too! My chores were dusting and dishes (loading and unloading the dishwasher, handwashing nice dishes and pots and pans), I am more than willing to give dusting and vacuuming away to Ike and siblings as soon as they can start walking, lol.

  2. What you need to do is throw all the socks away, and then buy all new ones of the same kind. Then you don't have to match them because they will all be the same!