Thursday, February 3, 2011

quite delicious... and then a waste of time.

After being stuck home all day, I decided it was necessary to FINALLY try out those homemade chicken nuggets I've been talking about.  I found the recipe for Carrot, Apple and Oat Chicken Nuggets on my friend Jey's website "The Jey of Cooking."  Jey is the mama to an adorable baby boy a few months older than Jason, and when she mentioned her son, the Fruitaholic, loved these, I had to give them a try. 

This is her picture.  Mine were not as neat.  Nor pretty.  I was getting impatient by the end, mostly due to the fact that the Little Man was screaming whining begging to be picked up when my hands were covered in egg. 

Let me just say... they were awesome!!  I don't think kids would be necessary for this recipe... the first thing that Peter said was that with a little bit of our favorite Asian Zing sauce from Buffalo Wild Wings for us, and some Asian sweet sauce for the little man, they would be completely fabulous!  Why Asian?  The sweetness from the apple and carrot just call for it.

All you need is ground chicken, an apple, a few carrots, oatmeal, 2 eggs, and bread crumbs.  Click on her link to see the full recipe.  What would I change?  I think I'd squeeze the excess moisture out of the apple and carrot with a paper towel, and I'd try panko bread crumbs (seasoned, if I can find them) instead of the regular bread crumbs for a crispier texture. 

And now... for the waste of time.

I spent about an hour and a half today uploading pictures to RitzPix so I could take advantage of my free photo book.  Remember those camera classes I've been going to?  Well, the fancy pants camera Peter got me also came with a free 12 page photo book, and for $5, you could get a 20 page book!  20 pages for me is pretty small, so I figured I'd make a Snowmaggedon 2011 book.  I really liked their book builder, and was impressed with the backgrounds and borders that were offered. 

I go to check out, and it said that I couldn't pay for it in the store.  I'd have to pay online.  Oh dear.  I'm not paying $30 for a book I'm supposed to pay $5 for.  I called the local Wolf Camera, and they told me sorry!  You have to make the book in the store.  Argh.

So, I took screen shots of my book, and hopefully I'll be able to recreate it on Saturday when we go for our lighting class.  If not, then I'll be angry.

I said I'd post some pictures from Snowmaggedon.   Here they are!

 Mama?  Why is there this white stuff outside our front door?  I'll taste it to find out what it is...
 Gotta pee... gotta pee... where do i go?
 the drift outside our garage door once peter shoveled it out
 yeah... he's amazing.  took him 2 1/2 hours.
 playing on the drifts the plows left
Smiley, Sweet Baby K
She didn't like the snow, but LOVED her snowman dress!

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